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The Giver by Lois Lowry- Book Review

The Giver

Warning: This review has spoilers!


I enjoyed this book very much. Time seemed to skip forward pretty fast so things didn’t drag on, which is good, but I do wish certain parts would have been a little slower paced, like with Jonas and his training with the Giver. And I would have liked to know how the community created sameness. Like what was the process they went through, how it came to be. I won’t lie, I had quite a few questions by the end of this book. 

It also would’ve been great to know what everyone’s reaction was to Jonas leaving his community. I want to know what the community did and how they handled dealing with their new-found feelings and memories. What were their reactions?
(End of spoilers)

Other than that, this was definitely a five star book! The flow was good, the characters were likable, and most things were explained.

I am hoping the next book explains what happened to Jonas and Gabe. I have to know if they made it somewhere safe outside the boundaries of the community and how they are doing now.
(End of spoilers)

This was a great, quick read that I wouldn’t mind reading again someday.

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