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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins- Book Review

Catching Fire

This review contains minor spoilers!

Finishing this book I can finally understand why most people say it’s better than the first book, The Hunger Games. Here are my reasons why.

I feel the relationship between Peeta and Katniss is more meaningful in Catching Fire. Her feelings are more real for him instead of fake, and though she still may not love him the way he loves her, I don’t feel like she’s as far away from those feelings as she was in The Hunger Games.

Next would be the characters or more specifically the allies. Peeta and Katniss didn’t have allies in the first book. Katniss had Rue, of course, but it wasn’t the same as if a fourth of the tributes were pulling for both of them to stay alive. There were friendships formed that really made this book far more enjoyable for me. More people to love are always good.

I also love seeing Katniss more vulnerable when it came to Peeta. In The Hunger Games you see Katniss fighting to survive for her sister, Prim, no matter what, even if that meant killing Peeta to do it. In Catching Fire it is the complete opposite. She’s willing to let go of her family, Gale, and even risking her own life just to make sure Peeta survives the Quarter Quell. That complete turnaround just does something to me and gives me a lot of hope for Katniss and Peeta for the future. She is so selfless when it comes to him that it is beautiful, even through the brutality it takes to accomplish this.

I think another thing that made this book better was that things were more easy between Katniss and Peeta since they were no longer obligated to keep up the pretense they were long lost in love. Sure Peeta mentioned “the baby” once in the games and once in the interview, but everything between them this time was motivated by real feelings and not for the benefit of the Capitol.

Other than Peeta and Katniss, my favorite character in this book would have to be Finnick. After everything he did to make sure Peeta and Katniss survived it felt like it went above and beyond everyone else’s efforts. Plus, I just love his personality. The way he thinks, talks and acts. He just made the book all around enjoyable. I think he would make a good friend outside The Hunger Games as well as in them.

I don’t know really what more I can comment on other than the writing. Suzanne Collins was consistent and cohesive with fist book and I didn’t find anything contradictory in her descriptions or story lines and that is a big plus with me. I find her a very reliable writer and would most likely read anything she writes. It is sure to be very addicting and entertaining read.

This book gets five out of five stars and a big thanks to Suzanne Collins for writing such an amazing book!

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