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How to Love by Katie Cotugno- Book Review


I could not collect my feelings on this book for the longest time. I didn’t actually form an opinion of it until 2/3 of the way through it.

At first Reena, the main character, deeply got on my nevers, probably more than any other character ever has. She was so stupid when it came to Sawyer I just wanted to slap her. Mainly in the flashback scenes though.

This carried on for quite a while until I neared the end of the book. I started to understand things then. Things like why the characters did the things they did and said the things they said. It made me a lot less frustrated to finally understand them.

The character development on Sawyer’s part was only very slight, but on Reena’s it was a little more. I was glad to see that a least.

I don’t think this book would have interested me as much if I hadn’t identified myself with the main character like I did. I was never a teen mother or anything like that, but I do have grievances, things I wanted to do and didn’t, things I wish I would have done. The traveling was, and still is, something I long for. To go places and write about them…well, there’s very few things I’d love more. Me and Reena were a lot a like in that aspect.

This book was overall enjoyable. The writing was pretty good and the storyline kept me entertained. It’s a book I would highly recommend to those dealing with struggles and hardships of their own who’d like to read about someone else’s for a while. I think you might really enjoy this book.

This book gets four out of five stars!

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