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How Books Have Changed My Life


I was never much of a reader through my high school life. Actually the idea of reading made me cringe. It always felt like such a chore. I never found any real enjoyment in it. So how did this all change?

It’s simple. I found a book that I actually wanted to read and then fell in love with it. There is a quote somewhere that says, “Everyone is a reader, some just haven’t found their favorite book yet.” For me this statement couldn’t be any truer. If you would have told me three years ago that I’d be the book nerd I am today, I would have laughed till I cried. But today, I couldn’t imagine being anything but that.

Where would I be without books in my life? That is a question I have asked myself several times and I don’t like the answer. It’s a scary thought, me living in a world without a love of books.

A reader lives MANY lives through the books they read. For me, I have been a survivalist in a dystopian world, fighting against an unjust government. I’ve been a refuge of war. I was a blind girl learning the routes through Paris with only the paces of my steps to guide me. I even found some great loves and fought for my kingdom that was taken from me.

To imagine not ever getting to experience these things frightens me to the core. Reading is a part of my being now. I have an incredible love of books and words and outstanding authors who made these multiple lives possible. So I would like to just take a moment and say THANK YOU to all of them who have taken a chance in life and put their books out there for the world to read, love and even criticize. I would not be the same without them.

Today I would also like to say I AM THANKFUL TO BE A BOOKWORM. I hope that over this next year, more people will find their favorite book and join in this hidden escape around us, for there are many places to go.

How have books and reading changed your life? Have they molded you into the person you are today? Please let me know and share your story in the comments below. Let’s share in our love of books together.

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