WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted every Wednesday by samannelizabeth.wordpress.com that asks three questions.

What are you currently reading?

My Life Next Door

This week I am reading My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick It is such a cute, sweet book and I can’t wait to dig deeper into this one.

What did you recently finish reading? 


I just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline and it was pretty amazing. It was packed full of 80’s pop culture and these amazing adventures and friendships that it just swept me up. I really loved practically every minute of the book.

What do you think you’ll read next?


This is an easy one. It will definitely be The Lost Herondale by Cassandra Clare and Robin Wasserman. Like the Bane Chronicles, this is just one short story out of many, but I can’t wait to read it nonetheless. I loved Simon from the Mortal Instruments and I love reading from his point of view. It’s quite different since he (Spoiler Alert if you haven’t read The Mortal Instruments) has lost his memory, but it’s also very interesting. (Spoiler Over) It’s nice to be back in the world of shadowhunters again.


Feel free to share your WWW Wednesday with me in the comments below, if you’d like. I’m always interested in what others are reading. Happy Wednesday!

4 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday

  1. I read ‘Ready Player One’ a while back and loved it as well! Wade was a great hero. I’m glad you enjoyed it as well!

    Happy Wednesday and thanks for participating in WWW Wednesday!

  2. Ready Player One is high on my wishlist, so it is good to know that you really enjoyed it! The Lost Herondale sounds interesting as well, but I probably should continue reading The Mortal Instruments series first. I’ve only read City Of Bones so far…

    Here’s my WWW.

  3. oh nice! I hope you enjoy The Lost Herondale 🙂 I will read it after I finish TMI series. I’m kinda REALLY taking my time with it haha. And Ready Player One is on my list too! I’ll borrow it from the library. Everyone seems to love it, including you 🙂

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