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Bookish Story Tag!

This is a book tag I thought up earlier this week and thought it would be fun to do- and have others do as well. So at the end of this post I will tag some people and if you decide to do it, just link back to my blog and this blog post and tag 5-10 people to do the tag too with the same instructions I’ve just given you- link back here.

This is how to do it. You are creating a story using book titles. Every sentence must have at least one book title in it. You can make the story as long as you like, but I kept mine at ten books to keep it from being too lengthy. To make this tag a little more challenging- try  using only the books you’ve read and do twenty books instead of ten. Here is mine:

Once upon a time, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl 10 stumbled into a Court of Thorns and Roses, Courtwhere we found Winter Winter lying on the ground. Avoiding the Red Queen wpid-redqueen.jpg proved to be a matter of Life and Death Twilight special. It felt like we had been there A Thousand Nights 21524446 and we were missing the Summer of Yesterday 18629794. We looked out over The Infinite Sea 16131484 of nothing but thorns and dead roses which caused each of us to Shiver Shiver. We were definitely in The Isle of the Lost Isle


That was so fun! Now it’s your turn. I tag the following people:

– Anyone else who wants to do this…



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