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25 Bookish Facts About Me

The title says it all. This is:

25 Bookish Facts About Me

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1- My Goodreads reading challenge this year is 50 books.

2- I lowered my challenge by 20 books from last year because I felt I overwhelmed myself. 

3- I read more if I’m not forced to read.

4- I read 1-2 books a week if I’m having a good week. 

5- I always prefer Young Adult fantasy books over any other genre.

6- I read most late in the evening or just before bed than any other time of the day.

7- I am forever in love with hardcovers. Paperback are less bulky, but hardbacks are way prettier, look better on a bookshelf and they are sturdier. 

8- I have to have my books on my shelf grouped together by author. I love the look of a rainbow bookshelf, but I can’t bring myself to do it. I feel better organized my way. 

9- Before I buy I book, I have to mull it over for a while in my brain to make sure that is definitely the book I want.

10- I read books 1-5 of The Mortal Instruments in 6 days. I felt very proud of myself because at that time, that was a lot of books for me. 

11- I have a book buying problem. Though, is it really a problem if you don’t want help? My books, read to buy ratio, is terribly unequal. I will probably never catch up. I JUST CAN’T STOP.

12- My TBR is ridiculously long and completely unrealistic.I will never read the almost 300 books on my to-read list. I add at least 5 books a month to it.

13- I like to buy the eBooks of the physical books I already own in case I ever want to look up something in a book I don’t have with me or just want to read it away from home.

14- Try to read only one book at a time, but I’m easily distracted by other books. Sometimes, I stop one book, because another book came out I’ve been dying to read. 

15- I hate to leave books unfinished. I am not one to DNF a book unless it’s horrendous and I just can’t go on. If it’s just okay, I’ll make myself read it. Anything 2/5 stars or under, I can’t do it. 

16- I go around sharing my favorite book quotes all the time. 

17- The Twilight Saga were the books that made me start reading.

18- I love to collect bookmarks. If there are really beautiful, I won’t use them to read. I decorate my bookshelf with them instead. I’m too afraid of damaging them. 

19- I own over 200 books. I’ve accumulated most of them over the last 2 years.

20- I wish I had a library like that in Beauty and the Beast, even if I can’t read all the books. It’s important to collect them. I shall have a library one day. 

21-I’m obsessed with my Bookstagram account. I can’t stop posting book pictures. I take pride in my book collection.  

22- I’m afraid to take my books anywhere, for fear they will be damaged. I do this rarely. Mostly I rely on eBooks if I’m stuck somewhere and I need a book. 

23- None of my friends understand my love for books. Only a few of them read, and it’s not very often or the same books (usually) It’s a sad life for a book nerd. 😦

24- I always ask for gift cards and money for my birthday and Christmas so I can buy books. I hate for other people to buy books for me because they most likely don’t know what I like or what I already have. 

25- I love audio books. I mainly use them for classics. It just takes me to another time. I get easily swept up in the story. Not that books by themselves don’t do that already. 


Wow. That’s a lot of bookish facts! Hope you enjoyed reading them. Do we have any of these in common? Let’s talk about it! 




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