Book Hauls

October/ November Bookhaul

I know some of you might be thinking “Where have you been?” 

Well, the short answer is that I have been in a massive reading slump. Probably the worst one of my life. Almost a whole three months. Ugh. I haven’t been on Booktube, blogs, or my regular book ordering sites. It has been awful. But last night I felt that little spark come back. I was actually excited about a book.

I haven’t been excited about a book in forever. It was like finding a lost piece of myself. So I ordered a book. Now I have order a couple of other books during this slump, but over the last two and a half months I’ve only bought three books and read zero. So, in case this just a false alarm and I lose interest again, I thought I’d go ahead post my October/ November book haul.

Two of these books are highly anticipated by me and the other just slightly interested me. It’s something.

1.) Dead House by Dawn Kurtagich


Much like Illuminae, this book is read in files and documents. I meant to read it for Halloween, but I just couldn’t get into any book at that time.

(Goodreads link)

2.) Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff


This is the highly anticipated sequel/ companion novel to Illuminae. I’ve been waiting forever for this one.

(Goodreads link)


3.) Ruined by Amy Tintera


This book came out earlier this year, but I only discovered it recently. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Snail mail is just too slow. It was a suggested read for those waiting on Victoria Aveyard’s upcoming book King’s Cage. It sounds exciting!

(Goodreads link)


So those are my recent buys. What have you bought  recently?


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